About Us

SALTecc was founded in 2011 to support the main players in construction market on Testing, Adjusting, Balancing (TAB) and Commissioning (CX) of Mechanical systems by taking into account of governing International standards. Our undeniable past experience on TAB and CX shows that we are ready to support you anywhere you need based on all your project requirements.

SALTecc is here to support you
» Interdiciplinary goal-oriented Project Management for Final Acceptance and Turnover phases.
» Design reviews
» Specification writing
» Independent 3rd Party Commissioning Services
» Independent 3rd Party TAB (Testing, Adjusting and Balancing) Services
» Troubleshooting
» Test writing
» Test execution
» On and Off Site Energy management and conservation studies.
» Sustainable design support and field verification.
And so on...

Commissioning is NOT just testing at the end of the project. SALTecc has been founded by the professionals who have extensive experience on commissioning of systems including mechanical, HVAC, electrical and Building Management (BMS).

It is important to involve the independent commissioning authority as early in the project as possible. This allows the provider the opportunity to review the design intent for the project, begin scheduling commissioning activities, and begin writing specifications into bid documents for other contractors.

A well performed testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) of a HVAC&R system is essential for the proper performance of that system and can enhance indoor air quality and energy efficiency.
HVAC system testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) is the process of checking and adjusting all environmental systems in a building to produce the design objectives. The process to satisfy the requirements is accomplished by checking installations for conformity to design, measuring and establishing the fluid quantities of the system as required meeting design specifications, recording and reporting the results.

SALTecc is committed engineering company who wants to be a driving re-source to others seeking to achieve their sustainability goals. Engaged with years of successful O+M experience, SALTecc is eager to be a supporting partner of yours with agents certified as LEED AP.

To achieve our sustainability commitments, SALTecc is well aware of the importance of safe handling of refriger-ants. So as to achieve, our technical ex-perts are certified as EPA Refrigerant Transition And Recovery and EPA Safe Handling of R-410A Certifications.