TAB stands for testing, adjusting, and balancing, and its domains are commercial and industrial air and hydronic systems. SALTecc is a NEBB Certified Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Firm with The full line of industrial hydronic and ventilation test instruments are designed to accurately and reliably measure a wide variety of parameters important in monitoring and maintaining indoor environment conditions.


According to the ASHRAE TAB Applications Handbook, The purpose of TAB is to ensure that an HVAC system is providing maximum occupant comfort at the lowest energy cost possible."

Testing: to determine qualitative performance of equipment.

Adjusting: to regulate the specified fluid flow rate and air patterns at the terminal equipment.

Balancing: to proportion flows within the distribution system according to the specified design quantities.


Testing, adjusting and balancing, all HVAC systems in a new building are needed to complete the installation and to make the system perform as the designer intended. These systems are;


Assuming that the system design and installation meets the comfort needs of the building occupants, good testing, adjusting, and balancing of the HVAC system provides occupant comfort with minimal energy input. This is extremely important in the era of rising energy costs.


The testing adjusting and balancing or TAB phase of any building construction or renovation is intended to verify that all HVAC water and airflows and pressures meet the design intent and equipment manufacturers operating requirements. It is rare to find an HVAC system of any size that will perform completely satisfactorily without the benefit of TAB. As a NEBB Certified TAB Company, SALTecc is able to do;

Duct Pressurization / Leakage Testing

Leakage of air from ducts can cause or exacerbate air quality problems, in addition to wasting energy. In general, sealed duct systems specified with a leakage rate of less than 3% will have a superior life cycle cost analysis and reduce the likelihood of problems associated with leaky ductwork.



Hydronic Balancing

Chilled Water Systems
Condensing Water Systems
Reheat Water Systems



Performance Tests


Cooling Towers
Cooling & Heating Coils
Pumps, Chillers, Heat Exchangers
Air Handling Units



Air Balancing

Constant Volume Systems
Multizone Systems
Dual Duct Systems
Induction Systems
Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems

Air to Air Heat Exchangers