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LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED EB+OM)

SALTecc is proud to serve you with vast amount of knowledge and expertise in existing buildings and their operations with a certified LEED AP O+M.

LEED EB+OM helps building owners and managers solve building problems, and improve building life cycle performance. The rating system is targeted at single buildings, whether owner occupied, multi-tenanted, or multiple-building campus projects and requires three months of operational data for an initial certification; any building construction must be complete for at least a three month span before LEED certification can be pursued. Historic properties can also become certified under the rating system, and the USGBC has been working collaboratively with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to outline specific metrics that highlight and promote preservation activities as green building strategies.

Existing buildings undergoing substantial renovations are eligible to become certified under LEED for C&I, EB+OM (upon completion of the renovation and three months of occupancy/operation) or New Construction. Comparing the requirements of LEED EB+OM to other LEED rating systems will help you determine which rating system is better suited to your project type.

LEED EB+OM is a rating system that certifies high efficiency and performance in facility operations. It applies energy use, water consumption, waste stream management and green housekeeping measures. It also provides a framework for adding sustainability improvements. In short, LEED EB+OM is one way to give your building a green distinction that enhances its appeal, performance, and asset value.

LEED EB+OM encourages owners and operators of existing buildings to implement sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impacts of their buildings over their functional life cycles. Specifically, the rating system addresses exterior building site maintenance programs, water and energy use, environmentally preferred products and practices for cleaning and alterations, sustainable purchasing policies, waste stream management, and ongoing indoor environmental quality.LEED EB+OM is targeted at single buildings, whether owner occupied, multitenant, or multiple-building campus projects. It is a whole-building rating system; individual tenant spaces are ineligible.